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What is Modesliga?

Modesliga is a semi-pro or social badminton league that currenlty active in Malaysia.

Who can take part in the league?

Basically anyone or any age group. But we do have restriction for current state players and above. Kindly refer to the Modesliga Rules & Regulation.

How can I take part?

You could take part by joining an existing team or create a new team before a zone start. However for the Champoins League competitiion, team are qualify via their participation and achievement in all the zones on that particular season which is determine by year.

Can I take part now while the zone competition or the Champions League is still in progress?

Yes as an individual you can still join a team but if you want to join us as a team then you will need to wait for the next zone to commence. As for Champions League it depends of the total accumulated points gather or each zones you participated and achievement.

Do I need to pay any registration?

Yes. A registration fee of RM100.00 or RM150.00 per team depending which league you are participated in. Each team also required to pay a refundable deposit fee to the organizer before the zone or Champions League competivion start. This deposit fee is to ensure teams will complete the competition.

Do I need to pay any fees?

Yes, each team will need to pay a session fee each time they play. The fees will change depending venue and what shuttle is used. So far the fee is between RM70 – RM120 per team per session depending which league you particpated in. Usually we will determine the VENUE and SHUTTLE before the start of the competitiion so the session fee will be fixed throughout the competition.

How about score sheet, shuttle and court rental fee?

All the above will be provided and booked by the organizer and it is all included in the session fee. Teams just need to worry about their strategy and game plan.

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