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Team Information


Question 1

Q : If I can't make it for all the date stated above, can I still take part in this tourney?

A : Yes you can. If you can make it at least 60%-70% of the date stated above, we think should be good enough as there is backup players in every team.

Question 2

Q : Any age limit for this competition?

A : No there is no age limit.

Question 3

Q : Do I need to be a HUB member in order to join?

A : Yes you need to be a HUB member. If you're still not a HUB member, click HERE to see the benefit as a HUB member.

Question 4

Q : I don't have a partner or team, can I still join the league?

A : No need to find partner or team to join. Join first then you will be divided into team. Only then the captain will pair you up with the team mate.

Question 5
Q : I'm not so good, can I still join?
A : Everyone is qualify to play in this league. No one is too good or too poor to play and win. Each team are separated equally by level so players will usually meet up with those players similar level to you.

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